Sunday, July 31, 2011

Next event

I'm taking a week off. wants to include my blog on their page and wants to start with board one of the next event, so they've asked me to hold off for one week. Also, starting next week, the new post will appear on Monday rather than on Sunday.

For the next event, I toyed with the idea of a rubber bridge session, but a few practice hands persuaded me to forget that idea. Jack seems to have serious difficulty bidding with a partscore.

Instead, I've decided to do a round-robin team event. I wasn't aware that was even an option until I explored Jack's menus recently. Apparently, you can play a series of eight-board matches against each of nine teams, with matches scored at victory points. Eight-board matches should add a little more suspense to the proceedings. It seems I'm unlikely to lose a long match unless Jack improves significantly or I start becoming senile. But, as I've discovered often enough, you can lose an eight-board match to anybody.

Next week, then, I'll start the first match of the new event. Jack even gives your opponents names to add a more personal touch. I'll be playing against Sophie and Jacinta, who play the Polish Club.

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  1. I look forward to reading your articles over there.