Friday, April 30, 2010

What's next

Oh, all right.  I've had some complaints, so I guess I've taken enough time off.

The opera went well.  So well, in fact, that I've been invited to stay on with Hartford Opera Theater as composer-in-residence.  That means I won't have time to post every day, which was already getting to be a strain.  But I hope to be able to manage a weekly post. Here's the plan:

Jack has a feature where you can create a matchpoint tournament.  You generate a set of random boards, then have those boards played by a field of Jacks, playing a variety of convention cards. You then play the boards yourself, and Jack scores you against the field.

Beginning Monday, I'll start such a tournament.  While, personally, I prefer IMPs to matchpoints, matchpoints is probably more suited to a blog of this type, where I've committed to discussing every board.  Playing IMPs, there are occasionally boards where there is little of interest to discuss.  That is less apt to be true at matchpoints.  I'm going to stick with my Acol convention card, mainly because I'm more comfortable with it.  I never cared much for 2-over-1 game-forcing.  As for my opponents' convention cards, for variety, I'll cycle through all the cards Jack offers as I move from table to table.

See you Monday.

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