Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Boards 1-64

After 64 boards, I'm up 158 IMPs, an average of 2.5 imps per board. It's time for another assessment. After the first 32 boards, I discussed my methodology for analyzing where the swings came from. Here's where we stand after 64 boards, along with the results of my last analysis for comparison. Defensive card play is still where most of the IMPs have come from, which is precisely what one would expect. The confidence levels have come in, but they are still too large for the results to be very meaningful.

Boards 1-32
Boards 1-64
Defensive play
+1.9 ±2.7
+1.9 ±1.8
Declarer play
+0.8 ±1.6
+1.1 ±1.2
Defensive bidding
+1.5 ±2.9
+1.5 ±1.7
Constructive bidding
+0.9 ±2.7
+.4 ±2.1

Overall edge
+2.4 ±2.0
+2.5 ±1.4

In the analysis of Board 61 I discussed Edgar Kaplan's fiscal strategy for playing when you are behind in the match. That gave me the idea of switching over to the other team so I would have an opportunity to try this strategy out. While the deals have been interesting, I'm so far ahead that the match itself is getting dull. Switching teams should spice things up a bit. So, beginning tomorrow, I'm playing for the other side. I'll start Board 65 down 158 IMPs and see if I can pull the match out by Board 128. Fasten your seat belts, and wish me luck.


  1. Good luck! Will be following with interest.

  2. Good luck :)
    And thank you for writing this blog. Very interesting

  3. Great Idea. I think you have your work cut out for you. I did not see a lot of unlucky breaks the first 1-64 boards.